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Spring is Here: Planting a Vegetable Garden

May 5, 2012

Every summer I look forward to buying herb plants to grow indoors or outside.  Believe it or not, I grew fresh basil and mint on a sunny windowsill in my tiny studio apartment in New York!  Then I moved to an apartment with a balcony so in May or June I would head to the Union Square Greenmarket and buy herbs to plant in a nice big planter.  The herbs thrived on the balcony and it was so nice to look outside and see lush, green herbs against the city skyline.  A note for city gardeners: I found basil does better indoors.  The sun was a little too harsh on my balcony so it would scorch the basil leaves.  Get a small basil plant to test your conditions before investing in a large and more expensive plant.

Since moving to Connecticut, I’ve tried growing some vegetables too.  My Mom told me about this wonderful grow table…I love it because it’s raised so none of our lawn chemicals seep into the soil or contaminate the herbs and vegetables.  I’d like to say I have an organic lawn but we need some serious help with the weeds!  With the raised bed I’m able to grow an organic garden and have (mostly) green grass.

I bought the raised bed in late June last year so I’m excited to take advantage of the full growing season this year.  Last weekend I planted French baby carrots, kaleidoscope carrots, watermelon radishes, easter egg radishes, peas and three types of lettuce.

First, I raked the soil to mix it all up and added another bag and a half of organic soil to the bed.  Then, I planned out where I wanted to put all my seeds.  The carrots, radishes, peas and one type of lettuce I planted in rows.  For two of the lettuces, I just scattered the seeds in a square area.

I was going to buy pretty copper plant markers at the garden shop but I decided against it.  Wooden popsicle sticks and a sharpie worked just fine!  I wanted to make sure I labeled the seeds well so I knew what was what, especially for the lettuces.

Plant the seeds at the depth indicated on the package and then recover with soil.  Water the soil well.  While you are waiting for the seeds to sprout, keep the soil moist.


I also bought a bunch of herbs to make two herb planters for our deck but there were still nighttime frost warnings early in the week.  I’m hoping to make the planters on Sunday and excited to share them with you.

I’m also planning on growing tomatoes, green beans and zucchini later in the summer.  What herbs and vegetables do you like to grow in your garden?

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  1. May 5, 2012 12:36 pm

    What a varied great selection of veg and fruit. It’s interesting to read what you said about the basil. I have major problems as it’s so hot here in the summer and was thinking of having a couple of pots of basil indoors as a test just to see if it’s any better. You have now convinced me to give it a go!

    • May 7, 2012 8:07 pm

      Eleenie – as long as you put the pots in a sunny spot indoors, they should thrive. Water the plants a few times a week so they don’t dry out but you won’t need to water as often as plants outside in the sun. Good luck and let me know how your planting goes!

  2. May 8, 2012 2:08 am

    Thanks for the tip! I love tomato and basil soup, we eat loads in the summer and I’d be gutted if I lost all my lovely basil plants!


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